by Sharon MacGregor

I am a freelance writer and columnist living in Sulllivan County.  My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last year and are raising our two man-cubs with both old-fashioned and modern parenting styles.  Another member of our family is our one-year old, yellow Lab, Maddy.  I look forward to sharing a slice of our family life and family related news with the Hudson Valley Parent community!

I attended the Pine Bush Relay for Life yesterday and brought my 15 year old son.  He was more than willing to go because his girlfriend would be performing with her dance group.  However, we both learned some lessons yesterday and one of them is, you are never too young to get involved.  The Honor Society and Law Academy both had their own teams to participate in the Relay.  Elementary school children walked as well as participated in some fund raisers of their own which included the goat feeding area, the face painting, Locks of Love, temporary tattoos, lollipop sales and other food vendors.  Mostly, they are enthusiastic, not shy about asking for donations, and generally love to be involved with all aspects of fundraising.  Children who are brought up with community service as a part of their daily life will be more likely to volunteer and help their neighbors as teens and adults.  How involved are you and your family?