We didn’t see this movie, but 12-year-old Sami wanted to play the video game and was actually impressed that it was harder than she thought!Here’s her review!

Aliens In The Attic DS Game – Review

Sami here. I was assigned to review the new DS video game for the new movie, Aliens In The Attic. Overall it was a good, fun game. But it is also hard. (I died on the first level, and I am good at video games!)


In the game you get to play as 3 different characters, each whenever you want. There is Tom, Jake, and Hannah, each with their own special abilities. For example: Jake can push large blocks out of the way and Hannah can double jump.


You get to use all sorts of gismos and gadgets, like laser guns and stun rays. Some weapons you get from boss battles at the end of each level. Some Tom will build, he being the brains of the operation, or battle, so to say. You can collect upgrades along the path of the levels to make your guns, stun rays, etc, better.


When you are going through the levels you have to fight the alien robots and, occasionally, heal a citizen/friend/neighbor/enemy from a weapon the robot aliens have unleashed on them.


Even though I have NOT beat this game yet, there are still many hard bosses you have to face at the end of each level. You could face the aliens (turned giant) or maybe a robot ship. Either way, they are hard and take clever skill to figure out how to beat them. (Psst: The characters talk about how to in the beginning. Tee hee.)


I give it a 7/10. Even though it is hard, it is still fun to play. 🙂


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