Have you had the talk with your children yet? Not the drug talk, not the “you better get your grades up” talk, I’m referring to the sex talk. Yes, that talk.  Well, if you haven’t yet you aren’t alone. A recent study organized by the University of California Los Angeles/Rand Center for Adolescent Health Promotion and overseen by Dr. Mark Schuster, Chief of general pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Boston, found that more than 40% of adolescents had intercourse before talking to their parents about safe sex, birth control or sexually transmitted diseases. Experts find this troubling because “teens who do talk to their parents about sex are more likely to delay their first sexual encounter and to practice safe sex when they do become sexually active. And, ironically, despite their apparent dread, kids really want to learn about sex from their parents, according to study after study on the topic.” Even though it can be an awkward topic to bring up, the study shows that the sex talk has to occur earlier for teens to practice safer sex methods.  In the upcoming year we will have a number of informative articles on sexuality and parenting that we hope you can turn to for advice. Keep on the lookout for those.

Do you remember the sex talk you had with your parents? I vaguely remember one, but I do know that I remembered the advice they gave me (I remember talking about it with my Mom.) Have you discussed this matter with your children yet? Do you have any advice for other parents? Let us know, leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.