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 A new survey by Allstate Insurance reports that not only are more teen girls admitting to speeding and driving aggressively, they also say they plan to “drive distracted”  in the future.

No one should be driving and using a mobile device, even if it is a hands-free device. This would seem especially true for drivers with very limited experience on the roads.

What’s your feeling about the increase in driving while distracted?

Here is a study that is worthy of the Golden Fleece Award: Bullies choose their victims wisely, targeting kids who are unpopular and less likely to be defended by their peers. All we have to say to this (and pardon my valley girl language for a moment) is duh! I don’t think this is any new information to any one who has seen a bully in action. This type of behavior has been going on since the dawn of “give me your lunch money.” I wonder how much this study cost?

Although in its 14th year, Sunday, March 21st marked the first Cover Kids held at Jumpin’ Jakes in Middletown. It was a big success, despite the beautiful weather! Our friends from the New York Talent Club met over 50 potential kids to be featured on the covers of Hudson Valley Parent in the coming year.

It’s also an opportunity for the talent scouts to meet kids who have the personality to become models or entertainers. It’s all very low-key and no pressure and fun for both parents and kids. We still have two more dates, one in Poughkeepsie and one in Newburgh. Sign up today or stop by during the event.

While babysitting my nephew the other day, we were both playing with some great baby toys when  suddenly he heard the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song start to play on the TV in the background. He started weaving and bobbing his head, basically turning into a dancing machine. He loves when you dance with him or sing towards him. He will always dance back. Other than being adorable, I just read today that babies loving to dance is now a proven scientific fact.

According to a new study from the University of York in England, “Babies love a beat and dancing comes naturally to infants. The research showed babies respond to the rhythm and tempo of music, and find it more engaging than speech.” You can read the rest of the article here.  Have you noticed this is true? Leave your dancing stories here!

What is it about this season that makes me want to clean my whole house, cut my hair  and generally start to change everything in my life? I don’t  think that we should make our new years resolutions in January, I don’t start making any changes until now.  I love spring and after a long winter everything seems bright and shiny (maybe not, but I like to imagine the world actually sparkles). Spring is a time to celebrate renewal and we have a great offer if you are ready to make a few changes for yourself. If you are looking for a new look click here or if you are ready to tackle spring cleaning and decorate you house we have some great pieces of art you could win. Go get your spring on.

Here’s an interesting business idea: reading to children via the internet. My partner and I already use Skype to visit with relatives on the west coast and in Denver. Using similar technology, has come up with a way for far-flung relations to read to the youngsters in the family. The website includes a demo video. What do you think? Would you pay $50 a year for the opportunity to let the granparents in Kansas read to your kid at storytime every now and then? Let us know and become eligible to win a free children’s book.

After taking our 3 month old out to the west coast to meet his 3 cousins and assorted aunts, uncles, and grandparents, we now have a little guy who is exhibiting different sleep patterns than before the trip. Whether this was caused in some way by the time zone shift or is simply another changing pattern, we’re struggling with it right now. My partner and I have different views on how to handle this development, which entails waking up more frequently, with more crying episodes.

She is favoring The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, while I’m leaning toward a more cut and dried approach, which she distainingly refers to as “Ferberization,” as in “I will not Ferberize my baby.” But Richard Ferber is not quite as heartless as those who haven’t fully read up on his method might suppose.

Win a free Parent Guide book!
Do you have a story about your child’s sleep situation that is interesting or horrifying or hysterical or helpful? Post it in a comment. The staff here at Hudson Valley Parent will pick the comment that stands out most, and we’ll send you a copy of The Smart Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Kids Through Checkups, Illnesses, Accidents: Expert Answers to the Questions Parents Ask Most. Whew. That’s a long title! The rules are simple. Post your comment before 4pm Monday, March 8th. Facebook users, please click to our wordpress blog and comment there. The winner will be announced Tuesday morning, with instructions on how to contact us to claim your prize.

When I was a younger, I was a “latch-key” kid. Both my parents worked full-time and worked extremely hard at raising me and my three brothers. I remember that it was especially hard for my mom to find time for herself just to relax. That’s why if I knew about our current “Spring Makeover” contest when I was a little girl, I would have definitely encourage my mom to enter. With today’s fast paced life style, who wouldn’t want  a fun day at the spa? Hudson Valley women need a break from reality- which could be working full-time at home or away (sometimes both) and everything in between. Tell us why you want a makeover and I promise we will listen.

UPS guy Orlando arrives at our Newburgh headquarters bearing gifts every day–books, dvds, toys, baby slings, home decor, and more. Last night I took home an Ocean Wonders Jumperoo  from Fisher-Price. It qualifies as Mack’s second review assignment. (The first was the Spa Baby Eco Tub. It’s not much more than an oversized plastic bucket, but unlike his regular reclining baby tub, it did bring a big smile to his face. One tip–beware water displacement. When baby decides to sit, he can end up under water!)

Drool-worthy configuration of plastic and metal
Assembly was easy enough, and required no tools until the batteries were installed. All baby products with batteries have the compartment screwed shut, in case some of you didn’t know. The Jumperoo was a big hit, with my partner reporting high drool levels and much focussed attention on the various doodads.

Plastic Footprint
Although I love seeing him happy, I do get discouraged about so much plastic and metal being used for just a short time–once baby is 25 pounds or can climb out or touch the ground, he’s no longer eligible. At the rate Mack is going, he could be out of this thing in a month. Coincidentally, I came across an interesting site yesterday, Swap Mommas, that proposes to help with this problem. I know there is also the free section of craigslist but does anyone know of a similar local exchange just for baby stuff?

Hi, I’m the new editor here at Hudson Valley Parent. I’m also the dad of a 3.5 month old baby boy. I’ll be blogging about my experiences, and also commenting on whatever might be of interest to parents here in the Hudson Valley. I hope you’ll jump in with your own thoughts!

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