UPS guy Orlando arrives at our Newburgh headquarters bearing gifts every day–books, dvds, toys, baby slings, home decor, and more. Last night I took home an Ocean Wonders Jumperoo  from Fisher-Price. It qualifies as Mack’s second review assignment. (The first was the Spa Baby Eco Tub. It’s not much more than an oversized plastic bucket, but unlike his regular reclining baby tub, it did bring a big smile to his face. One tip–beware water displacement. When baby decides to sit, he can end up under water!)

Drool-worthy configuration of plastic and metal
Assembly was easy enough, and required no tools until the batteries were installed. All baby products with batteries have the compartment screwed shut, in case some of you didn’t know. The Jumperoo was a big hit, with my partner reporting high drool levels and much focussed attention on the various doodads.

Plastic Footprint
Although I love seeing him happy, I do get discouraged about so much plastic and metal being used for just a short time–once baby is 25 pounds or can climb out or touch the ground, he’s no longer eligible. At the rate Mack is going, he could be out of this thing in a month. Coincidentally, I came across an interesting site yesterday, Swap Mommas, that proposes to help with this problem. I know there is also the free section of craigslist but does anyone know of a similar local exchange just for baby stuff?