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Seniors have a perspective and experience that should be sought out and celebrated, but often in today’s world they are neither seen nor heard.

That’s why this press release from the  The Fountains at Millbrook retirement community (whose slogan is ” UNretirement living”) caught our eye:

Millbrook, NY, April 21, 2010  Six local moms with years and years of experience are among 150+ mothers nationwide who are speaking out in time for Mothers Day. Even though they raised their own children decades ago, the sage advice of these moms is just as meaningful today as it was some sixty years ago. In between managing todays hectic family schedules, working, carpooling, cooking PLUS diaper changes, young moms in 2010 can use all the advice they can get. ..

You’ll find a few nice snippets on the Fountains website.

When I read our daily news feeds there are some headlines that really catch my eye. This was one of them and not in a good way. This may be a personal question, but it’s one for all the ladies out there. How old were you when you had the bra talk with your mom? Or, went shopping for your first training bra? I know for sure that I was not 7 years old.

With the media images constantly telling us women and girls what true beauty consists of, I believe that these retailers should be absolutely ashamed with themselves. Especially marketing a product like padded bras and bikinis to children! What were they thinking? How could they possibly think this is a good idea? Let children just be children, they have a lifetime to grow up. What do you think? Am I overreacting? Or, do you also believe that this outrageous? What would you do if your favorite store started selling a product like this one, would you boycott them? Sound off here!

In our latest April issue, we did a few stories on family activities for Earth Day. This day is great for teaching your children long-lasting life lessons. You can teach them that it is important to respect the earth not on this day, but everyday. Check out our article here, but I also found another way to enjoy nature. Hiking! It’s one of my favorite activities and something that I used to do with my dad all the time. 

On April 24, 2010 Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall will be hosting the 4th Annual Hike-A-Thon in support of the museum’s mission to create responsible caretakers of the environment. Those attending can make a $20 donation to Team Grant to join the executive director’s team or sign up and start a team of your own. The money raised by Hike-a-Thon participants goes directly toward funding nature education programs. Afterwards, the Museum is holding an Earth Day Celebration which includes a Family Fun Fair and Community Yard Sale. It’s going to be a great day for hikers, nature lovers, and everyone who cares about the future of the planet. Find out more information here.

Get out and start a family adventure.

In Jr. High I was a baseball fanatic. I would sit with my Dad and cheer the afternoon away. We happen to be huge Mets fans, which sparked a lot of controversy among my friends who were diehard Yankees fans. It was the some of the best spring/summer memories I had growing up. And, when he took me to my first game at Shea stadium, that’s it I was hooked! I still have my Met’s hat from way back then and break it out when my boys need a little extra luck. Now that the 2010 baseball season is officially underway, the staff at Hudson Valley Parent is dying to know: Who do you root for?

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