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It’s no secret that education is a hot topic in the news. Local test scores are down, they just got rid of the “D” grade, and schools are still slashing budgets left and right. Things have to change. NBC News recently announced that it is “convening its own summit with education and political leaders in September to talk about ways to improve schools in light of statistics showing the U.S. lagging in student achievement.” Do you think the summit will improve things?

I recently asked our Facebook friends what they do to entertain their children during long road trips. My brothers and I didn’t grow up in the age of built-in DVD players on the back of the car seats, we had to make our own fun. That “fun” consisted of playing the license plate game (finding plates from all 50 states), and you know that got old pretty fast. shared some of their travel tips, what are some of your favorites? Don’t forget, for August we are running a contest where you can win travel gear from our friends at Evenflo. Doesn’t that make you excited for your next road trip?

Local Churches and community groups breathe new life into Newburgh City summer lunch program for children. Volunteers and donations still needed after funding cuts, but the program has been restarted. Lunch will be distributed beginning Wednesday, July 28, from 11:30-12:15 at the following locations to any school age children:

Corner of South Williams Street and Walsh Road (just off Lake Street at the old Rite Aid Parking lot)Corner of South Street and Liberty Street
Corner of South Lander Street and Renwick
104 Broadway @ Northeast Gateway To Freedom Church

Read the full Newburgh Lunch Program press release.

What chemicals are we exposed to on a daily basis from using beauty products? The answer may surprise you. Earlier this year I decided to be more aware of the foods I’m eating and what is going into my body. I never thought about the chemicals I’m exposed to just by washing my hair. It turns out, I should take a closer look:

Yes, it’s true! 

The Exciting Read publishing group, publishers of Hudson Valley Parent and Hudson Valley Life magazines, is offering free copies of its children’s book, The Trunk in the Attic, to classrooms across the Hudson Valley.

The only requirement is that teachers download the free Teacher’s Resource Guide that includes activities related to the book. The Trunk in the Attic is an  adventure book that includes local and foreign history and is suitable for grades 3 through 6.

In our upcoming August issue we feature an in-depth look at birthing centers in the Hudson Valley. The story also discusses the renewed interest in home births. This can be a sensitive subject because it is such a personal choice. Yahoo Health News has an interesting piece today that looks at the use of a midwife. According to the article, “The Nemours Foundation says ‘midwife-supervised births produce excellent outcomes with fewer medical interventions than average. But the foundation warns that for higher-risk pregnancies, ‘midwifery is not advisable.’” What’s your take on home births and midwives?

Our August issue will be out shortly and I can’t believe it! The summer is flying by. It’s hard to stop and take a moment to actually enjoy it because we are always so busy at the office. One way I try to relax is by learning how to cook. I’m not a great cook, but I spend my weekends trying out new recipes. In our August issue we have a few articles on eating healthy and enjoying new foods with your family. There are also a few (healthy) recipes for you to try. To hold you over until our next issue comes out, CNN recently featured a list of 10 nutritional foods that your child should try. Enjoy!

We highlighted this June 6 event in our print and online calendars. Touch-A-Truck is a family event that creates a playground of real trucks.  Families had the opportunity to see, touch, and play on backhoes, tow trucks, cranes and other trucks they might never have seen outside of a toy box. The Orange County United Way recently sent us evidence of the event’s success with parents and kids alike! 


Jayden Johnson of Woodridge has fun sitting in the driver's seat at Orange County United Way's Touch-A-Truck event.


Hayley and Ryan Cosgrove from Grahmsville stand attop an Excavator

Fire trucks from Goshen Fire Company were among the many popular displays.

A veritable alphabet soup of agencies–the FTC, the FDA, the CDC and more–have their sites set on defining the content of foods specifically marketed to children. Proposed guidlines include that foods must consist of  “at least 50% by weight of one or more of the following: fruit; vegetable; whole grain; fat-free or low-fat milk or yogurt; fish; extra lean meat or poultry; eggs; nuts and seeds; or beans.”

This would eliminate whole aisles at the supermarket, starting with cereals.

More from the article on “Eatocracy”

Meanwhile, Yale released a study that showed more than two-thirds of children prefer snack foods with Dora the Explorer, Scooby-Doo or Shrek displayed on the package – and about fifty percent of those kids said foods tasted better from packages with the cartoon characters.

The article provides another piece in the puzzle as to why our kids are growing more unhealthy with each passing year. The  upcoming August issue of Hudson Valley Parent has a feature on healthy lunches in our schools, and another on preparing meals with your child from locally grown foods.

The new healthcare overhaul that was passed earlier this year will help the uninsured in 2014, but there are options out there if you currently need insurance. The following article gives you a few options. There is help out there! Stay positive and stay on top of the health care reform.

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