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The first time your baby is sick is horrible.  LP got sick for the first time early Saturday morning, she woke up around 2am, and all stuffed up with a runny nose.  I was heartbroken since I had no way to make her feel better.  I didn’t have any of the “essentials” in the house so I had to wait until the morning to run out to the store.  I was lucky enough that she took her bottle and went back to sleep but her cold only got worse throughout the night. 

Since there is no manual for raising kids, I had no idea what I should have had in the house.  My mom kept telling me that since we have dry heat in my house I needed to get a humidifier soon so LP wouldn’t get a stuffy nose but I didn’t realize it would be so beneficial if/when she got sick.  I ran out early the next morning to Babies R Us and picked up a Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier and some Vicks Baby Rub and it is working like a charm.  She wasn’t herself yesterday, meaning she wasn’t bouncy and smiley all day.  All she wanted to do was cuddle and sleep.  To make things even more complicated, LP’s Christening is on Sunday, so I really hope that she is better by then because who wants to sit in church with a sick baby?!?! NOT ME!!!!

What ‘baby essentials’ to you keep in the house for those “just in case” instances??

The Tutor Whisperer gives students, parents, teachers, and other tutors an innovative line of attack in improving academic skills and our educational system as a whole. The site is intended  for parents who are looking for tips and strategies to help their children academically. However, it is also a resource for students who are searching for ways to heighten their learning experiences, as well as tutors, teachers, and administrators who are interested in alternative, innovative educational methods.  The helpful sections are broken into different grades which make finding the help faster and more efficient. This site is definitely worth a look if you are in need of extra homework assistance. No apple for the tutor is necessary.

The town of East Fishkill encompasses 12 surrounding towns in Dutchess County right along the Hudson River.  This town is far from boring, with so many activities going on, it’s difficult not to find something to participate in.  Red Wing Park is a 17-acre park with a lake and beach which is open daily from June 23rd to Sept 6th; it also has a bath house to clean off on those long exciting days at the park.  If you’re not into the beach scene then you can visit the basketball, volleyball, badminton and playground areas.  If you are looking for a more relaxing day; the fishing and picnic area, as well as the pavilion are perfect for some R & R.  

East Fishkill also offers sports programs for men, women and children.  Basketball, baseball, softball, roller hockey, soccer, field hockey, tennis and football are available and held at participating fields and schools.  Don’t overlook the East Fishkill Community Library .  The library provides almost 70,000 books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, music CDs and DVDs, there are also nine computers for use.

The up and coming Village of Walden is located in beautiful Orange County with 4 popular parks, Wooster Grove, Bradley, James Olley, Martin Besdesky and Alfred Place.  Wooster Grove has many different programs for you and your family from aerobics classes to a mom & me play group. Santa is also making a special trip to Walden to help light the town Christmas Tree and holiday wreaths along main street.  After that he will be at St. Andrew’s church waiting to take pictures with the local children and it wouldn’t be a visit with Santa unless you had some candy canes and cookies to finish off a great day. 

Walden has many activities throughout the year such as a Soap Box Derby held in May for kids ages 8 thru 17, Music in the Grove, a FREE concert series that goes all through the summer, a Harvest Fest in October with local businesses, jewelry vendors, food booths and more.  Come visit and see for yourself.

I’m always on the look out for helpful articles or advice that I feel our Hudson Valley parents need to know. Even the girls (and gentleman) in our office know this and often tell me about the latest news they’ve heard. Today I found an article on a topic that I feel hits home in our current economy. “4 Ways To Teach Your Kids Financial Responsibility” presents four simple  ideas that the writer suggests for parents to try when educating their kids on financial topics. While these ideas are good starter points, teaching financial responsibility is a life long journey. How do you approach your kids when you want to teach them a lesson on fiscal responsibility?

Also be on the lookout for an upcoming article on teaching your preschooler money lessons in an upcoming Parent issue.

Last week I met with Flo Hannes, the chair of the OT Department at SUNY Orange. The college just formed a new Center for Assistive & Rehabilitative Technology at their Middletown campus. Their role is to help those with disabilities use the new assistive technologies to lead a productive life.

What if your child can’t use a computer keyboard because of difficulties with eye-hand coordination? Call Flo, and she and her staff will arrange a demonstration of the new computer technologies that you can use at home.  At their center you can not only see the equipment but you can try it out as well.

But how does this relate to Guitar Hero? See what Flo has to say:

For more information about how assistive technologies can help you in your life call:


Center for Assistive & Rehabilitative Technology


Today was the grand opening of the Center for Hope in Newburgh, which is operated by Dispute Resolution Center, it is located in the Neighborhood Business & Resource Center. The day was full of food, beverages, raffles and tours of the new center. The center brings a valuable resource to a city that is susceptible to gang activity, violence and crime. 

Fresh Start Café offers beneficial job readiness skills for the food service industry, and in an economy like this we could all use some “job readiness skills”, plus some yummy food. 

I was really excited about the raffle of the O.C. Choppers Bike, they had 2 on display.  The custom blue FBI bike with gold accents was very cool and my husband would be delighted if I won it, especially since I don’t know how to ride and he has his license. 

Scaling the walls in the stairway was a spectacular mural by local artist Garin Baker depicting the exceptional people and city of Newburgh as well as the beautiful Hudson River waterfront.  It made the center feel bright and inviting, just like the opportunities which will be gained there.  The day appeared to be a huge success for the center and cafe with many local people looking around, enjoying and discussing future opportunities for this up and coming facility. 

Best of Luck to the Center for Hope and Fresh Start Café!! 


In the film “Race to Nowhere,” first-time filmmaker Vicki Abeles delves into the issues of the consequences of overscheduled children.  The film was recently shown at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh to a crowd of parents, teachers and kids.

The medical and emotional problems of Ms Abeles own three children spurred her to find out what is going on in the world of our kids. Through interviews of kids, their teachers and parents and other professionals, she asks whether our kids are being pressured by too much homework and over scheduling.  

Many professionals interviewed, from educators to physicians, suggest that our kids are so stressed that they have no time to just be kids.  Clubs. Practice. Homework. Community Volunteering. Does it leave children time to ride a bike, have fun running around or to do nothing?  

Although the film brought to light many important issues, it tried to cover them all with one broad brush. For example, Abeles asks several teachers about their role in the classroom and gets the classic “I am being encouraged to teach kids how to pass tests.”  From that the filmmaker leaps to teaching for tests encourages too much homework which causes too much pressure on our kids which leads to stomachaches and headaches. For me there were just too many leaps.

According to Mount Professor and Hudson Valley Parent columnist, Paul Schwartz, “The greatest stressors for kids, especially for teens, are relationships not the stress of school.” Dr. Schwartz says that 90% of kids love what they are doing, including school.

My first paying gig was babysitting my neighbors kids and it was my best friend’s first job as well. I think that babysitting is a right of passage for every teenager.  But, you have to make sure you know how to perform the job safely. The Adriance Memorial Library in Poughkeepsie  is offering a Babysitting Workshop for tweens and teens.

Topics will cover responsibilities including basic child care, babysitting safety, developmental needs for different age groups, emergency preparedness,  strategies for difficult situations, and a babysitter’s bag of tricks. Participants should bring  a notebook, pen and a bag lunch.

Pre-registration is required. You can register online or call Adriance Children’s Desk at
845-485-3445, ext.  3320.

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