Today was the grand opening of the Center for Hope in Newburgh, which is operated by Dispute Resolution Center, it is located in the Neighborhood Business & Resource Center. The day was full of food, beverages, raffles and tours of the new center. The center brings a valuable resource to a city that is susceptible to gang activity, violence and crime. 

Fresh Start Café offers beneficial job readiness skills for the food service industry, and in an economy like this we could all use some “job readiness skills”, plus some yummy food. 

I was really excited about the raffle of the O.C. Choppers Bike, they had 2 on display.  The custom blue FBI bike with gold accents was very cool and my husband would be delighted if I won it, especially since I don’t know how to ride and he has his license. 

Scaling the walls in the stairway was a spectacular mural by local artist Garin Baker depicting the exceptional people and city of Newburgh as well as the beautiful Hudson River waterfront.  It made the center feel bright and inviting, just like the opportunities which will be gained there.  The day appeared to be a huge success for the center and cafe with many local people looking around, enjoying and discussing future opportunities for this up and coming facility. 

Best of Luck to the Center for Hope and Fresh Start Café!!