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Breast Cancer. New directions are being explore. Check out some of  articles concerning breast cancer, exercise and diet using the link to the National Cancer Institute.

I found four facts that are worth considering:

FACT ONE:  Women who are heavier at the time of their breast cancer diagnosis and have gained weight during treatment are more likely to have a reoccurrence of their breast cancer.

FACT TWO:  Many cases of breast cancer can be avoided by losing weight after menopause according to a study by the Harvard Medical School.

FACT THREE: High levels of moderate and vigorous physical activity during adolescence may protect our kids from getting breast cancer.

FACT FOUR:  Most studies suggest that 30 to 60 minutes a day of moderate- to high-intensity physical activity is associated with a reduction in breast cancer. 

So the real question is, ‘Are we, women, willing to take control of our lives? Even though it is easier to grab a fast food restaurant hamburger are we willing to take a few minutes out of our day to eat a salad? (I fill up on Subway salads.)  And will we actually take the time to rev up our hearts by running, walking, joining a gym  or swimming?

We have more control over our lives than we are willing to admit or to accept responsibility for. It’s time for a change…NOW!

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