Asparagus!  Fresh, crisp, green and absolutely delicious, asparagus is locally coming into season and ripe for the picking.  This also means its a great value (running now anywhere from $1.99 a lb to $2.99 a lb) and plentiful.  The only downside?  It’s not going to be around for long.

Whether you grill, roast, bake, steam or just blanch this yummy veggie, asparagus is not only delicious, but good for you too.  Did you know 1 cup of asparagus provides you over 100% of your vitamin C and folate for the day and almost 20% of your vitamin A?  Yesterday Chase and I hit the kitchen and made a fabulous asparagus pesto that can be used in many ways.  The best part?  You can store the leftovers in the freezer and use them all season long.  For a printout of this recipe (and lots of other great favorites), visit my website at

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