It’s Monday. The hardest day for me to get myself going.  But I had one of those weekends that reminds me how fortunate we are to live in one of the best places in the country.  I went on a “mom” retreat, something we tend to talk about, but rarely act on.  This weekend, two other moms and I finally acted on it, and in a state of ‘glee,’ headed up the Thruway to Woodstock for an overnighter.  Now, Woodstock has this ironic place in the world of tourism for probably being famous for ALMOST being the host town for the famous concert, and business owners don’t help with all their concert paraphernalia for sale in their 1960’s-theme shops.  But, sorry to spoil the fun, but it was held in Bethel, a few miles to the west. (Thank you, Mr. Yasgur).  But, I digress.  We did the traditional massages which were heavenly, had a wonderful brunch and then got onto Route 28 West to the largest kaleidoscope in the world.  Yes, you read right: the largest kaleidoscope in the world. (

Built in 1996, it features such an amazing creative collaboration between a kaleidoscope artist, a pioneer in the ’60s psychedelic movement, and a musical score from a local musician who worked with Bob Dylan.  The kaleidoscope is built into the silo of an old barn in the town of Mt. Tremper, and it is a feat of engineering with its three 37 foot high mirrors, weighing 2.5 tons each.  We saw the ten-minute psychedelic show literally on our backs, eyes glued to the ceiling, and watched colorful twirls and spins of the patriotic-themed show.  But the reason I mention this is the ticket price – $5 per person.  Easy on the eyes AND the pocketbook.  

Before we headed back down the Thruway, back to our families and reality, we stopped at the Country Store, a part of the Emerson Resort and Spa complex — just steps away from the kaleidoscope.  (  There we found ourselves feeling rested and ready to resume our everyday life again.  Breaks from routine are almost required as a parent, and I can’t wait for our next “mom’s retreat.”  TTYL, mj