I love Newburgh. I have said it before, and I will continue to say it. It has lots of places to eat and my fiancé and I love to do just that. We really love the little “hole in the wall” type places. So off we went to find one. We ended up at Jimmy’s on Broadway. Nice little eatery tucked in among the stores. We were greeted by the owner himself. My fiancé is a regular there and it was obvious. They chatted with him about the job and his co-workers while they prepared a hot, fresh breakfast for us. Delicious rich, hot coffee was served with my huge stack of pancakes. Johnny ordered one of his faves, eggs with grits and bacon. The whole meal was very reasonably priced and we were full when we left. So hit up Jimmy’s at 285 Broadway in Newburgh for some yummy, reasonably priced grub. Breakfast and lunch only, so go early.