I was sitting in Panera this morning with Emma and my mom, just like we do every Tuesday and Wednesday and realized just how lucky I am.  It was 8:30am on a Tuesday and I was enjoying a yummy cup of coffee with my mom and daughter.  I live about 10 minutes from my office and about 15 minutes from Panera so on the days that my mom watches Emma, we meet up in the morning, have some coffee and try to chat but most of the time is spent laughing at what Emma is doing and picking up the toys that she throws on the floor. 

Emma sitting like a big girl at Panera

There isn’t always a lot of talking going on but the time that I get to spend with my mom and the time that Emma gets to spend with her Grandma is priceless.  Well …… this luxury did come at a price for my family but it is completely worth it and I wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world.  I was working in Manhattan, making good money and really enjoying it but I was leaving the house around 6:15am and getting home around 7:30 every night.  The train was so unpredictable and I was starting to miss things during the day that my mom or mother-in-law would get to see since they were babysitting for Emma. 

My choice to switch jobs was a decision that my husband and I agreed upon 100%!!! Time with my daughter was more valuable than the paycheck I was getting in Manhattan so as soon as the job offer came in the work at Hudson Valley Parent, I jumped on it!!!! I made the best decision. 🙂 I love getting to spend so much time with my family and I really love my job.  Time is truly flying by, I can’t believe Emma is 10 months old and I am starting to plan her first birthday.  YIKES!!! I was so fortunate to be able to see her grow up!!

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