As I prepare the May issue of HV Parent, I’m concentrating on stories that have to do with gardening, and teens, about health, something on nutrition.  And, then an email caught my eye.  It featured some very interesting gifts for Mom.  Then it hit me, “Mother’s Day.”  The second Sunday in the month.  (I know that because in my family, the first Saturday in May is almost a holy day of obligation.  It’s when my brothers and I, families in tow, head to Brooklyn to watch the Kentucky Derby on my Mom’s 13″ TV.  But that’s a blog for another day!!).  Anyway, it dawned on me that I hadn’t even set aside a Mother’s day story for our May issue.  But isn’t that how it goes with mothers?  We tend to make sure our kids are fed, the family’s wash has been done, the dishes are put away.  Even if these chores have been divvied out, we still do a check on them before bedtime, before we tend to our own needs.  I know that when we order take-in food, and we run short, I always give up my meal to whoever has been short-changed.  It doesn’t matter to me…I can make a peanut butter sandwich.  I don’t do it out of martydom, but I truly find joy in making sure my family has been satisfied, and then I’m fine with whatever else is around.  Truly.  (I may not be as generous, though, if we’ve taken in Mexican.)

So, to remedy my omission of a Mother’s Day article, I will address this on the website. I am collecting some interesting books that Mother’s may be interested in, a few new gadgets to make life easier, and whatever else comes along.   I’d love to hear about the little sacrifices you make as a Hudson Valley mom.  I think one thing I may take care of is to get my own Mom a bigger TV.   Have a good one, and TTYL, mj