I just started reading the first Undercover Kids Book, “The Trunk in the Attic.”  And immediately, liked the bits of information author, Gloria Smith Zawaski, weaves into her story.  It’s about two curious kids staying at their aunt’s farm, and embarking on their first adventure.    How did I know these kids were curious if I only just started reading it?  By the second paragraph.  “Their parents are professors.”  I read.  “Mom teaches languages and speaks quite a few.  Dad is an archaeologist and spends summers in foreign countries…” That alone lets us know right away that this book will be filled with interesting facts and details from other cultures, and these days, that’s a good thing for young readers to understand. 

The Undercover Kids: Katie, Jake and Cooper

Gloria Smith Zawaski appears  at HVP’s Cover Kid event, Sunday, April 10th at Poughkeepsie Mall; and Sunday, May 1st at the Galleria in Middletown, from 11 am – 3 pm.  Come on down and say “hello.”