I am changing tactics today. This post is about the most amazing litter box I have ever seen. How do I get excited over this you ask? I have four cats. Need I say more? Indoor cats, just to clarify that. I needed something easy and fast as I had recently assigned this fun little chore to my thirteen year old. He hates it, I hate it, we all hate cleaning the litter box. So, my search started. I went to all the local pet stores and found nothing to my liking so it was off to the house and the computer. Amazon.com had just what I was looking for. At $34.99 it is still a bargain considering how easy they have made a dirty, nasty chore. It is called the Omega Paw Self-cleaning Litter Box. I got the big one since we have more than one cat. All you do is put it together and roll. There is a screen of sorts that goes inside to sift the litter and a tray on the top right that you just pull out and dump. Look ma! No hands! There is even a video if you scroll down the page to show you just how it works. Here is the link to watch.

We will most definitely be ordering a couple more of these. Best thing since sliced white bread…

Here are a couple of photos of the inside workings just in case you were curious.