The cover is a hoot.  A boy peeks out from under his bed, his pet dog (or is a stuffed animal – not sure) lies beside him; his bed above is covered with toys, and musical instruments.  We see another boy sitting on the bed blowing into the tuba, and next to him, what looks like his baby sister banging away at the drums.  Well, no wonder the title of the book is  “I Wanna New Room.”   Author Karen Kaufman Orloff has created a story that many kids can probably relate to:  the need for privacy.  Poor Alex has to share a room with a brother who barks like a walrus, and a new baby sister, who, well, who does baby sister stuff.  Orloff’s newest release is Talk,Oscar, Please, about a boy who is sure his dog will talk.  Page after page, he tries to bribe his pet with his favorite things, like “bacon with cheese,” if only he’ll talk, Oscar, please.    TTYL, mj

Orloff makes a guest appearance at our Cover Kid event, Sunday, May 1st from 11 am – 3 pm at the Galleria, Middletown.