OK. I have another cool product. This time it is a puzzle. I consider myself somewhat of a puzzle aficionado, but this one is tough. Johnny and I won this little deal at a penny social we recently went to and the package was all about New York. So is the puzzle. There are nine squares with half of an icon on each side. Each card is different and there are the statue of Prometheus, a taxi cab, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. You just have to match them all up so that nothing is left mismatched. Sounds easy. Not so much. Johnny and I have tried for several hours with no solution. My thirteen year old son came in, spent two minutes, pushed the pieces around a little and announced that he was done. He sure was. Put his old mama to shame. You go Trevor! This is really cool, educational (little trivia piece on the front of the package), and entertaining. Have fun! P.S. It comes in tons of different themes in case you aren’t into New York. You can order them at b-dazzle.com.

New York Scramble Square NOT solved