I’ve just hooked up Sirius radio in my car.  I stream online radio when I’m writing. I text my teenagers throughout the day.  I listen to my iPod when I walk around the Lakes in Monroe.  I have a laptop in the kitchen for instant recipes.  (I don’t pre-plan dinner, but rather buy what’s on sale on the way home and look to websites for how to cook the darned thing).  I download pictures of items to sell on eBay.  I have an eReader.  I’ve stopped writing letters, and send only emails.  The only person I talk to on the phone is my Mom, in her late 80’s, still living in our family house in Brooklyn.  (The one with the 13″ TV — see earlier blog).  And, sometimes I pick up the phone when I’m curious as to who’s actually “calling” me, only to have it be from a telemarketer who didn’t get the memo that I don’t want telemarketers calling me. 

I’m an example of what I complain to my kids about.  So, what am I going to do about it?  Not sure.  I’m — aren’t we all? — getting into habits that are drastically changing how we relate to the world, but is there any turning back?  Not sure about that either.  But I do know that I have to stop nagging my kids so much. Kids learn by example, and right now I’m not being the best of examples.   It doesn’t help that companies are playing into our tendences to “plug in.”  Like this one:  a foreign language program that helps kids learn Italian, for instance, by texting them a new word a day.  How can all this be all bad? I guess we just have to see how this all plays out.

It’s certainly not my mother’s world anymore.  TTYL, mj