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My name is Tenise Wall, commonly called Mrs. Wall by day at the elementary school where I work as a school social worker, and Mama by night by my four-year-old. I’m happily married and the mother of three beautiful girls who keep me more than busy with their weekly activities. I’m excited in this new endeavor of blogging and look forward to sharing many helpful hints I’ve amassed in my counseling career where I’ve worked with 700+ children and adolescents. I’m also an Inpatient Psychotherapist and in private practice, providing counseling, consulting and guest lecturer services. This has provided me with a wealth of hands-on experience.  Anyone who knows me will agree that I am real, down to earth and willing to share of myself, my experiences and my professional opinion for the benefit of others. I am ready for this journey and invite you along with me. Seat belts? Ready? Let’s go!


A tragedy hit the Hudson Valley this week, more specifically in Newburgh, New York where it was reported that a young mother drove her vehicle with her four children inside, into the Hudson River. With many preliminary news reports being shown and written it still does not give one the whole picture of what happened. Was it postpartum, mental illness, how did her domestic issues play into it, were there any signs of her being suicidal? While questions loom and her family, closest friends and our community seek answers it is important to remember the life that was spared that day. This young man, at just 10 years, has experienced something that will undoubtedly remain with him for the rest of his life.

The guilt he feels began weighing down on him moments after he made it to dry land and into the safety of the Good Samaritan who assisted him. There will be many moments of fear, anger, anguish, frustration and perhaps his own battles with “survivor’s guilt.” I agree that understanding why it happened is important for family and friends but also if our understanding helps to save another’s life. Perhaps there were signs and symptoms we as a community can learn from. While we try to understand why, I implore you to not forget about the 10-year-old, whose biggest challenges lie ahead. As a community, let us be there for one another in times of despair. My heart felt prayers go out to the family for their loss and especially for thsurvivor whose life has been forever changed, in an instant.

Tenise Wall, LMSW has been serving the Hudson Valley since 2002. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker having obtained a Master’s Degree from Fordham University. She is the award recipient of the 2009 Orange County Tribute to Women of Achievement in the area of Education. She is the author of Pain to Purpose  If you have a blogging topic of interest or a question for me to answer, you could contact me at