I don’t know why I’m so resistant to cutting coupons.  Or maybe I do.  Back when I was a stay at home Mom, cutting coupons was something I did in the evenings to keep from snacking after everyone went to sleep.  My kids were asleep by 7 or so, and my husband, who had to get up at some ungodly hour, way before any human should have to get up for work, was out like a light by 8:30.  And, me, the night owl, needed to find a hobby.  And, so, since we only had one income, and I had time on my hands, my scissors and I went to work. 

I not only cut them out, but categorized them and filed them in a convenient coupon carrier.  It went with me everywhere — that is when I remembered to take it.  But once in the store, wagon at the ready, and my pocketbook strategically placed in the childless front seat (I never took my kids food shopping – it was torture for them most of the time, torture for me, so I went when Dad got home.)  And then began what was the most stressful hour of my day: coordinating the items on my list, versus the coupons I had, and then searching for the particular item, particular brand, and then particular size and flavor.  So, for example, “purchase five packages of orange-flavored Jello, 8 oz. size, and then go stand on your head.  Save 50 cents.”  Now, my family didn’t eat orange flavored jello, and I really didn’t notice the teeny-weeny fine print until I got to the jello aisle, and then with a great big “sigh,” purchased 5 boxes of a flavor my family would actually eat, and thus paid full price.  Fast forward to checkout.

I place all my items on the belt, pull out my collected coupons and dutifully hand them to the annoyed teen cashier, anticipating the big savings at the end.  But after the annoyed teen handed me back the outdated coupons, and the ones for items not purchased (making me feel like a criminal, like I’d actually plot to ruin my reputation by sneaking in a coupon saving 10 cents on an item not bought.)  And then only to find that the total saved was something like $8.  

So, as you can see, my initial experiences with coupon cutting were less than favorable, actually it was downright annoying, with the bottom line that it wasn’t worth the time and stress.  It’s now been, oh, about 15 years since I actually made it a point every week to cut coupons and have them ready for a scheduled trip to the supermarket.  With the onset of key fobs from the supermarkets which gave you instant savings, I was of the mindset that “coupons” would be a thing of the past.  But, rather, they are the RAGE now.  More and more websites are offering easy and more efficient ways of cutting and using coupons.  And I’m slowing being wooed back into that world I thought was gone forever.  I’m not entirely back in the fold yet, but I’d LOVE to hear your experiences with these coupon cutting sites, and if they are worth the time and effort.  In the meantime, I need to go and make up my supermarket list.  Have a great Saturday.  TTYL, mj