I went to church with my daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren. On the surface of it, that may not seem so unusual, but my daughter-in-law is Catholic and I am Jewish. Usually I go with them to the children’s service to see what the priest is introducing to all the young families who attend.

The family service was a 9am on Easter morning and the gym, where they held this service, was packed with moms and dads, and kids of all ages. The priest was really good about accepting the crying and talking that was swirling around the gym. He commended all the parents for getting their kids to such an early service. He also acknowledged that it takes some kids a while to settle down and that was okay. He was a breath of fresh air. Many clergy will try to speak over the noise rather than just accept it and embrace it.

He also mentioned the 50 days after Easter. He said this is a time to reflect on the rebirth of the earth and everything around us. The priest suggested that we use these days to take special joy in the goodness we see…like when someone does us a favor or even does something as simple as a nod hello.  Smile when you hear the sound of laughter.  Watch others as they visit the local park. Take in the sights and sounds as you walk down the street.

Relax and enjoy the beauty of the flowers that are about to burst through the winter’s crust.