This past week has been full of joy with the birth of a new baby, and sorrow with the passing of a mother.  Right here in the Hudson Valley we were rocked by news of the sudden passing of Kate Moore.  She was a wife, mother, daughter and beloved sister to a close friend of mine.  Generations of this family have grown up in Dutchess County and right now they are grieving this devastating loss. 

So many things have been running through my head the last few days since this hit so close to home for me.  I’m a young Hudson Valley mom myself and do plan on having more children and this has certainly scared me.    My friend Lindsay was Kate’s sister-in-law and during this tough time for her family, she has been tremendously strong.  She is a wonderful wife and mother to 3 beautiful children and a remarkable aunt to Charley and Maddy.  My heart goes out to the entire family. 

The Moore Family has an immense amount of love around them which is hopefully consoling them right now. Kate’s husband, Craig and two daughters, Charley and baby Maddy have a long road ahead of them but this community has opened their hearts in an outpouring of love and support.

If you would like to support The Moore Family please visit:  Book of Memories for Kate Moore at McHoul Funeral Home, Inc.