As I was driving along, an old song came on, one I’d classify as “Old School” and it immediately brought me back to when I was eight years old. The next song brought me to the days when I was a teenager. I was reminded just how many years have passed, and how “life is but a vapor.” That’s a phrase I’ve heard before, but today, it had new meaning, putting many things into perspective.

When you can look back and see decades behind you, it speaks to just how fast and how much more valuable our time here on Earth is. Every day we rise with a new chance to make it our best day ever, to set goals and reach for them, to be a better parent or to contribute meaningful engagements. Too often I hear people complain about life, but isn’t life really what you make of it? Do bad things happen? Absolutely they do, every day, to somebody, somewhere in the world. Most times we cannot change our situations but we sure can change how we respond to them. If someone has hurt your feelings, there is a way to move beyond it. If you were overlooked for that promotion, or you never get the appreciation from your spouse or children you crave, you don’t have to let it control you. You know your situation is controlling you when the things that “happen” to you dictates the kind of day you’re going to have.

Take back your control, choose how you will respond to life’s ebbs and flows because in the end… life is but a vapor.