I did a lot of “ooohing,” and “awwwing,” this weekend.  Yesterday was my nephew’s son’s birthday. His name is James, and he’s all of two years old.  And today was our “Cover Kid” event, where the kids who grace the covers of Hudson Valley Parent magazine are discovered.  Between the cutey-pie moments from yesterday’s family party, and today’s parade of “cover kid” wannabes, I was reminded why kids are my favorite people. 

Everything is new to them, and they’re usually eager to sample a new food, or a new texture, or even say hello to a new face.  They might not like it, mind you, but they will try it out of an innate curiosity.  It was clear my nephew’s boy doesn’t like to have anyone kiss him goodbye, but rather will do a backhanded wave that’s really not that easy to do, but it’s what he decided that’s what he’d do when people went out the door.  And the hoots of laughter he received pretty much ensured he’ll be doing that for some time.  When James’ birthday cupcakes were dished out, he dove into his with great gusto, no holding back, and he looked at the group of us unaware he was being so entertaining. 

Maybe that’s what it is..their cluelessness of their adorability.  One little girl who came with her mom today had evidently just learned to walk unaided, and with big (what I call) Godzilla steps, moved about the area like a house a’fire, arms out to the sides for balance, and taking guarded, exaggerated steps.  Like she was crushing a small black and white city.  But her look of pure happiness was mesmerizing.  Yes, pure happiness.  It’s not too abundant these days, so let’s enjoy our children, and treasure them for reminders that life can be a “wonder” ful thing.