I don’t know about you, but a lot of times I’m stumped with what to make for lunch.  Cooking a full meal is usually too much in the middle of a busy day, but I don’t like giving my kids the same old, same old.  Yogurt, cottage cheese, or a hard boiled egg with fruit, veggies, and some crackers is a decent alternative to kid staples like PB&J or grilled cheese, but sometimes we’re looking for something a little heartier.

A twist on a typical lunch

Anyone who follows my blog knows I put apples into just about everything, and this meal was no different.  Starting with leftover some shredded chicken (last night’s chicken, or even canned will do) I added a little light ranch dressing, chopped celery, and diced apples, making a healthy chicken salad on whole wheat.  I took some steamed carrots (also leftover from dinner), a handful of strawberries, and lunch was fresh and appetizing.  I was happy to find that with a little creativity and a few seconds longer than it would’ve taken to whip out peanut butter, I had a lunch that everyone happily ate.

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