We love getting mail in the office, especially large boxes with fun stuff that marketers want us to talk about, use, and know about.  Most of these items come to me — aren’t I lucky!!  However, I now have a little barrier around my desk of boxes filled with books, samples of products, games, DVD’s and the like.   Just this morning, my colleague almost did a “whoops,” at my desk, and I knew it was time to clean up.  But, before these items get passed around to other staffers to be enjoyed (with the promise that they’d write about it!), I wanted to give them their fifteen minutes of fame: 

Shrinky Dinks: print a photo on this paper, then personalize it, then shrink it down become something to sew on a hat, create a piece of jewelry, or probably a tag for your pet.  It looks terrific. Thank you Shrinky Dink people.

Camilia Homeopathic Medicine that gives teething relief to babies, helps with painful gums and the irritability that comes with it. 

Xlear Soothing & Moisturizing Saline Nasal Spray with XylitolIt’s natural, drug-free, safe and effective for all ages.  Washing away airborne contaminants and pollutants. 

SmartMouth On the Go 12 Hour Mouthwash Packets. I’ve purposefully given this away to staffers for their comments.  This looked real fun!

Sprout Change.  A reusable, reversible, daycare-friendly, super-absorbent and easy to use diaper for babies.  Organic, too.  It goes from birth to potty. 

Blood Stop, which is a handy gauze pad that turns into a gel to seal a wound.  Great, I’m thinking, for day trips. 

WonderFile, which looks like a great way to keep your desk clutter organized.  It’s one of those “as seen on TV” products. 

Wayne Brady: Radio Wayne…that funny created a CD for kids.  Songs like “Reading Can Be Fun,” and “Say Please,” sound like good things for our kids to hear.  In fact, I’m going to play it in my car on the way home..it sounds like fun.

Thank you to all the marketers who include Hudson Valley Parent on your list.  We really do appreciate your products, and do want to spread the word about ways to help our parents parent.  TTYL.