Barbecue season has arrived, and is a great opportunity to do some outdoor prep and cooking, leaving your kitchen clean.  My husband is always itching to BBQ, so on a recent night I sent him outside with a package of chicken breasts, fresh veggies, and some skewers.  Zucchini and yellow squash are awesome on the grill, but we only had grape tomatoes and red peppers, so he threaded them on along with chunks of chicken.  BBQ night is always my chance to keep a low profile, so I decided against making a marinade.  I had him brush everything with a quick concoction before putting it on the grill.  Served alongside a salad, some wild rice or whole wheat couscous, and fresh fruit, you have a quick and healthy meal.  Little pieces of food, especially on skewers, are fun for kids, and this makes a great dinner to accompany an evening of playing outside.

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