Our field rep, Jeremiah, visited the Touch a Truck Event last Saturday…

Had you passed by the Orange County Airport last Saturday, you might have been alarmed by the sound of horns beeping, sirens blaring, and alarms ringing.  At a closer glance you then might have been worried, or perhaps even terrified, to see young children in the drivers’ seats of large tractor trailers, semi-trucks, utility trucks, and even airplanes and helicopters!  There was no danger, however; it was all in good fun at the 4th annual Touch a Truck Event. 

The event, sponsored by the United Way, was dedicated to allow children a firsthand look, and even an opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of some of the most fascinating vehicles on the road and in the air; don’t worry, though, the keys were kept far away, and even if they weren’t there was plenty of local law enforcement and ready parents to enforce the NY State driving laws! LOL


This family-oriented, and at $5 admission (free for children 3 and under), inexpensive day out was well attended, despite the cloudy, hazy weather.  High points, besides the vehicles, and the cheeseburgers, French fries, pizza, ice cream, and zeppolis, was the train ride, added in just for fun. 

Many of the families in attendance return year after year, said Judy Eurlich, President of the Orange County United Way, and from what I saw, I’m sure any family who attended once would come back for more year after year.  So keep an eye out for this great family event for next year.  (All proceeds went to the United Way of Orange County and the United Way of Dutchess.)

(Judy Eurich, President of the United Way, Orange County holds up souvenir tee-shirt.)