My favorite Easter treat is the chocolate Cadbury Egg. Most times they run out before Easter, leaving me with such a feeling of loss.  This year after going from store to store and being disappointed they’d run out, I bought 40 Cadbury Eggs the next time I found them!  Then, I rationed them, eating about 3 a day.  Now that Easter has long gone I have plenty of eggs left over. Something about supply and demand seems to be at play—we want what we can’t have, and overlook what’s within our reach. 

These Cadbury Eggs got me thinking about our children.

When our kids are small, most parents can’t wait until they can take their first steps. Once they can walk, we can’t wait until they’re potty trained. Once potty trained we can’t wait until they start school to save us thousands a year in Day Care costs. Once they begin school, we can’t wait until they’re old enough to let themselves in afterschool. Once they can do that we can’t wait until they can drive themselves to their baseball or dance practice. Once they are driving we can’t wait until they graduate so they go off to college and we can finally have some peace and quiet. Once they head off to college, we find ourselves in those quiet times, reminiscing about all the laughter and joy they gave us. Then we ask, “Where did the time go?”

So what does this have to do with a chocolate Cadbury Egg? Those eggs I wanted so bad are sitting next to my bed, a handful are left untouched. What I thought I wanted so badly doesn’t seem to satisfy. Sometimes we wish away the present. Children will only be children but for so long. Enjoy, savor and appreciate today’s experiences. Tomorrow will come soon enough, leaving you longing for a taste of the past.

Live life with intention!