Trivia Question:  (Answer found at the bottom. When draped over a casket, where are the stars placed?)

It’s Memorial Day and I was glad to see so many parades scheduled in and around Orange County.  It’s a tradition that should never be forgotten. 

And it’s easy to forget about our freedoms throughout our busy lives. We hop on a train, we drive for miles from one state to another, we worship where we please, we can read what we want, and we can spend this Monday working in the garden, gathering with friends, going to the movies.   

Our blessings, here in America, have meant little bit more to me recently since I’m planning a trip to South Africa in 2012 with my high school-aged daughter. It was her choice, and I’m sure that her interest in photography was behind it.  But, I had to really outline for her that although we’re going to a modern city (Capetown), and visiting National Parks for safari drives, we were still going to a continent with pockets of unrest, and areas that we’re being advised to be super-duper-hyper-vigilant.  (I’ve paraphrased.)  But, in fairness, it’s something we’d have to remember wherever we went in the world.  

I am very excited about this trip, to see this beautiful country with its awesome beauty and amazing herds of big animals, but when it’s time, I will anticipate landing in New York, safe and sound, back in the USA.  TTYL, mj

(Trivia answer:  the stars should lie over the body’s left shoulder.)