I was so excited when we received the Wonderfile at our office. I knew this was what I needed to keep my papers in order. I live alone so the issue is not that I have to keep things from a husband or children, but I have to keep things away from my cats!! Actually one cat in particular – Lily. When Lily wants your attention she will do anything to get it, usually by knocking things over in the apartment, like plates, makeup, plants and especially my desk papers.

I wake every morning to all my papers on the floor. When I brought home the Wonderfile and opened it up on the desk and started to fill it, she was not happy, she sat right in the middle of it so I couldn’t fill it. I carefully picked her up and removed her. I proceeded to fill it with my papers and then folded it nice and neatly and placed it on the corner of my desk. When I woke this morning it was still in place! I don’t mind if she knocks it over, at least all my papers will still be in place. I have tried many other things, but they don’t work because when boxes or files are knocked over, papers come flying out. I love my new Wonderfile.