For Michael and Sharon Sandlofer, their marriage isn’t all they share with one another.  The two both have a love for animals and have worked with them all of their life.  Michael, a former Navy SEAL with an expertise for marine life, has lead key projects for the US Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior.  He is a preservationist and is known for his commitment to animals, and even nursed a whale back to health on Long Island!  Sharon is an experienced and highly accomplished animal trainer; Michael refers to her as an “animal whisperer” saying she inherited the ability from her father.  So it’s no surprise the two ended up with one another, and that they started performing with animals all across the country. 

Recently the Sandlofers were at the Hudson Valley Fair at Dutchess Stadium performing their act which includes daughter Benna who rides horses and performs tricks.  In fact, Benna was practically born in the saddle.  When Sharon was pregnant for Benna, the husband and wife team was playing in Manhattan when Sharon went into labor.  Benna was delivered in Putnam Hospital, and 2 days later Sharon was back on the horse, literally, performing her act.

The recent Hudson Valley Fair featured The Sandlofer’s Wild West show.  Events for kids included “Mine Find” where children are given a bucket and can pan the sand looking for sharks teeth, fool’s gold, arrowheads, and minerals.  Perhaps, the most interesting part of their Wild West Exhibit was the old fashioned carousel. Truly a green ride, it’s the only one like it in the world!  Built by Michael, the carousel is powered by mules and decorated with an endangered animals painting include Bald Eagles, and Bison.  Camels, wild turkeys, goats, oxen, horses, and other exotic animals were part of the petting zoo.