You see this big guy?  He’s listed as one of the big five in Africa, along with the rhino, elephant, lion and Cape buffalo.  I guess they have the biggest teeth?  Not sure.  But I’m headed to his turf and I tell you, he intimidates me.  I’m going there because I made a promise to my youngest, that she could pick anywhere in the world to go (except maybe Afghanistan), and in 11th grade, during spring break, I’d make it happen.  I thought she might pick Hawaii, or Italy, or even the Mayan ruins in Mexico.  But no, we’re headed 15 hours away, landing in Johannesburg, visiting Kruger National Park, and then south to Capetown, where we can shop, and put our toes into the Indian Ocean.  I’ve already put my toes into the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the waters off of the Bahamas.  We do get around.  I just hope I have my toes with me when I return. 

She is taking up photography, and that explains it.  Of course!  Where else in the world would would-be photographers want to venture?  So, she got herself one of those “stop the action — zoom up close to see nostril hairs — and take panoramic shots of the wildebeest migration” kind of cameras.  I told her we should do a mother/daughter book, that I’d do the writing, and she could provide the photographs.  She rolled her eyes, and went back to her facebook page.  It may be a long trip. 

Believe me, there will be more write-ups about this, pre and post trip.  I haven’t even considered the malaria meds as yet.  But, it all gets filed under, “the things we do as a parent.”  TTYL, mj