Sometimes, an elaborate meal is fun, but on many weeknights, that’s just not possible.  The other day, we were running around doing errands, and I knew I had to put together something very quick for dinner.  I turn to the crockpot on such occasions, because it is an opportunity to combine some simple ingredients during a less-pressured time of the day, and have dinner ready when I want it.  If you don’t have a crockpot, however, do not fear- this one would come out just as well if cooked in the oven.

Chicken in a peach mango salsa

Using a very simple recipe found here, I made a couple of changes.  The recipe calls for turkey cutlets or even pork, but I had chicken breasts, and they worked perfectly.  Secondly, instead of the can of diced chile tomatoes, I used salsa, which made it much more flavorful.  Finally, I threw in some chunks of pineapple as well, and the flavors were great.  I served it over rice with some cauliflower puree mixed in, a side of fresh veggies and fruit, and it was a nice summer dinner.  If you don’t have a crockpot, I’d combine the ingredients as recommended and cook it in the oven at 350 until the chicken is cooked through.  It may need less water, but other than that, should be an easy meal to replicate.

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