Have you noticed your pre-teen or adolescent speaking in text talk “Like OMG Mom!” I think many parents battle with the constant challenge of keeping up with what’s new in the lives of our children. But it’s not all bad.

Take these tips:

Forget the unlimited talk plans for their cell phones and go with the unlimited text. There are some children who are able to communicate more readily and easily through texting than a verbal conversation. Kids are drawn to texting because it allows for them to have multiple conversations at one time,to  respond briefly to a question without interrupting what they may be engaged in, and respond if and when they are ready rather than being accessed at will by a ringing phone. I guess it’s similar to the reasons some adults are drawn in.

Establishing some boundaries with cell phones and texting is a good rule of thumb. If your child is old enough to drive, having the no texting and driving talk is crucial. There are too many preventable car accidents a year directly related to distracted drivers.

Taking cell phones to bed should be off limits. Children need 8-10 hours of sleep each night for their growing bodies and minds that need to be alert for their day at school. Having their sleep constantly interrupted by the vibrating phone is hazardous to their health. The best sleep is a deep sleep, that REM sleep where dreams are found and equally important; uninterrupted sleep.

I believe that cell phones have a place, and can bring pleasure into our lives, but like everything, they should be used in moderation.  

(Tenise will continute to blog for us, but may have lapses due to her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Psychology — with an expected graduation date of 2014.  Her degree will enhance the services she currently provides to children, adolescents and families in our area, and we are thrilled she is one of our bloggers!  Good luck, Tenise!  You can keep in touch with her at Facebook and Visit my Virtual Office)