They are creeping into our lives more and more.  In magazines, printed ads, even people are being tattooed with them.  They’re called, “quick response” codes, or QR codes for short.  Inside those tiny boxes of black and white is a code that coincides with a website page, or pages.  These little guys can certainly hold a lot of information.  The only thing you need, as far as I know, is a smartphone with an app for a QR code reader.  But, it seems everyone and their mother is now sporting a smartphone of some type.

We at Hudson Valley Parent magazine think these cutesy pictures are a great way to blend the magazine world with the web and tech world. You’ll find our first foray into the world of QR codes on the table of contents page of the August HV Parent.  Those with the ability to scan the code will get a tasty summer BBQ recipe by our own terrific food blogger, Stephanie Sandler.  She even included a shopping list!  So, you can store the information into the phone, no need to clip out a recipe that gets lost in your bag.

And for those without a smartphone, just click on the link to the recipe (see above), and you’ll still be able to access it.

Please feel free to let us know at what you think of it, and what you like or dislike about them.