I got back into running this summer, and am prepping to run in a 3K event at the Jersey Shore in September.  The one thing that I have never been able to find was an attractive bag that could slip around my waist, and small enough so as not add extra weight (I have enough of that already), or too big and floppy like those attractive and ultra-chic “fanny packs.”  When the “hipzbag” came into our office with the request by its creator, Kathy Crifasi to review it, I gasped, and immediately said, “mine, mine, mine,” (just like the seagulls in the “Finding Nemo” movie.) 

The bag is perfect for moms who want to just throw in a set of keys and take off with a stroller that already has the diaper bag, bottles, wipes, etc.  It lays flat and fits snug enough not to shake, rattle and roll as you move about.  It can hold my keys, nano shuffle and cell phone if need be.  The creator, Kathy, originally a computer consultant realized that when there is a shift in the world, i.e. our attachment to cell phones, that new products need to come along with it.  Crifasi is very excited at the initial response of the bags (moving 4,000 in six minutes on QVC in January), and I see why.  At only $14.95, it’s even affordable for teens, who (like my daughters) keep their  phone stored in that very teeny-tiny backpocket of their “too tight” jeans, and thus the phones falls to the ground at gym, at the mall, or into puddles (I won’t go into the time my daughter left her phone in her pants pocket and it had a nice trip through the washer and dryer.) 

I’ve been using the bag now for about a month.  It’s stashed in my car so it’s at the ready whenever I head to the lakes in Monroe for my run.  The bag fits two ways: either with the strap around the waist, or fastened by clip to the belt loops.  Very clever, that Kathy. 

We are giving the other one away to the first mom who writes on our facebook page: “I’d surely like my own Hipzbag!”