My loot from Wal Mart

I have recently entered the rather intimidating world of couponing. I have tried for years with no success. I would clip and then forget. Now, thanks to the internet and an awesome group of mommy coupon bloggers, I am learning how to take some pretty decent money off of my grocery bill.

I used Freebies2Deals, a blogger located in Utah. She did the legwork for this shopping trip and I did not do too bad. She went to her local Wal Mart, checked out what was there and then posted the deals she found. She matches up the coupon you will need to score your deal. If it came out of a circular, she tells you the company that puts it out and the week it ran. If it is an internet coupon, she gives you the link. She generously posts this information on her blog and then lets everyone know via Facebook. I “like” a number of these mommies on my FB page and I have saved quite a bit by following them.

I had to include this pic of Sparky my coupon companion. He decided to get into the loot shot since he helps clip them!

These women post deals for most of the major drugstores and food store chains that are in their regions. They also offer lots of advice on their sites, hold classes, have videos you can download, contests to give away all their swag and discussion boards too.

So, in conclusion, here is a pic of my Wal Mart score. I paid $18.31 for $36.43 worth of groceries. The couple of freebies I got were travel or trial sizes, but they were still free and for products I had not yet tried. We will use them for sure. I also went through her list of 88 items and pared it down to what I would use and needed. I am not into taking stuff just because it is free or close to it.

Check these chicks out and you can save some money too.

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(a note about SwagBucks: this site offers lots of great stuff. You can actually earn money called SwagBucks on this site and redeem them for all kinds of things. The money is easy to earn too.)