(No, I’m not doing a soft-shoe routine — sans shoes — but enjoying a Kimoodo routine with Master Mikhail A. Kuns.)

I love to try out new things, and I’ve had a curiosity about Kimoodo for awhile.  This Martial Arts practice promotes relaxation, health and movement.  I’ve done the yoga, and the pilates, and the aerobics, and the step classes, and wanted to give it a go and Master Kuns of Iron Dragon Fitness & Self Defense in Middletown made it happen on a recent Monday night.  

Another HVParent staffer, Roanne, joined me and the two of us stood at attention at 6:30pm for the start of class.  Master Kuns greeted the group, and explained the exercise regimen involves gentle power stretching, increased mind power, with an emphasis on power breathing.  First, we raised our hands up and back, stretching our shoulders, and made a conscious effort to continue breathing slow and steady, but after a few moves, we were instructed to exhale with power, releasing the breath from deep within our lungs.  It felt good. 

He led us through a series of moves, slow and evenly paced.  We breathed in, we breathed out, and occasionally, let out a big “UGH!” to signify our power and control.  What I noticed about the routine was its ease and flow.  All of it was done standing up, but moving back and forth, to the side, arms up and out. I felt a sort of immediate gratification that I could do this, that at my age (50 something), I could start a new routine and not feel so totally out of shape and out of control. Throughout the class we chanted positive affirmations that, I’m sure, created my feeling of success and satisfaction.  Not only is Kimoodo meant to promote health, you actually FEEL it.  

The pace quickened just a bit because the moves are easy to learn, and once you do a few sets at a slow pace, one move flows into the other.  After 45 minutes (without looking at the clock, like I do during other exercise regimens), we raised our hands and we were done.  During that time, Master Kuns had also explained the physical benefits of positive thinking, that it does affect on the body’s cells, and how they translate positive energy to the brain.  Our thinking patterns do, in fact, impact our overall sense of well-being; think positive and your body responds. 

Best of all, Master Kuns, said, “you got the same body workout someone might get at the gym without the pain in your muscles and joints.” OK..I’m sold.  Thank you Master Kuns!

Kimoodo Classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm.  For more information, call 845-342-3413.