Every once in a while something sticks in my craw, and I feel like I have to shout about it. It’s like that itch you can’t scratch but you keep trying.

                                                   Wal-Mart is a mass marketer
                                          that is not really concerned about us! 

Wal-Mart set me off. What’s with Wal-Mart? As a huge corporate monolith, I know they feel they can do just about anything, and they may be right. But at some point I have to stand up and scratch my head in wonder. Just 6 weeks ago they announced they were increasing premium sharing costs for employees subscribing to their health insurance plans and cutting the benefits for part-timers. And then this past week they announced they are planning to offer medical services through their Wal-Mart Centers.

They offer us poor folks healthcare, just not their employees. What’s up with that? Is it safe to say that money is the bottom line not their employees health. Keep that in mind as you track their progress or shop in their stores. 

                              Target needs to offer healthy food alternatives

Then I turn to Target. You must understand that my daughter-in-law just loves that store, especially since they have Starbucks at the entrance to most (or all) of their stores. I am not sure she can start her day without a good strong drink.

So why do I have a bone to pick with them?  It started in September when Target unveiled their “Missoni for Target” fashion line with everything from sheets to boots to bikes. The interest was so high, that the stores sold out within hours, which caused shoppers to scramble online to buy these hot items. So many visited the Target site that it crashed. Now people used their phones to place orders but Target could not keep up with the demand. And I understand that another hot designer is unleashing his wares in February…Jason Wu.

So what’s my problem? Let’s move out of the general merchandise isles of Target and walk over to food. I am shopping for peanut butter. A simple enough commodity, but is it?  They have about six to ten different labels and I look at them all. What’s the one ingredient they all share…SUGAR!! How healthy is that?

I ask you, if Target executives can get top designers to create clothes we all clamor for, why can’t they encourage food companies to give us healthy alternatives on their grocery shelves?

Maybe I am crazy. People have suggested that before but I keep plugging along.  What are your pet peeves? Maybe we can do something about it together.