(Guest blogger, Laura Pink)

Yes, I am one of those moms.  You know the ones that I am talking about – the ones that always have their phone in their hand.  I admit, it’s like an extension of me.  The few times that I have forgotten it, I felt like part of me was missing

When I got my first smart phone a couple of years ago, it was more like a shiny new toy.  As my life has gotten busier between my kids, my husband, my job, and writing, it’s become more like a lifesaver.  Ok, that’s exaggerating some, but it really does help me every day in many different ways.

Here is a list of ways that it helps me to keep things together at least a little bit.  

1.    Calendar:  I put EVERYTHING in the calendar in my phone.  If there is any question as to if we have anything going on, I can quickly check it no matter where we are.  I also set it up to send me reminders of appointments and such so that I don’t forget them if I am out and about.

2.    Notes:  I have used the notes function on my phone for many different things.  I have typed in the number of the fields my girls’ soccer games are so I don’t forget when we get there.  I have typed in my license plate number that I had to turn into the state park when we were camping.  I think you get the idea – pretty much anything I need to remember I have put in the notes so that I have it with me.

3.    Blogging:  It’s hard sometimes to find the time to sit down at my laptop and get a post out.  I love that I get publish a quick post from my phone.  Just this morning I wrote a quick blog post while I was waiting for the kids to be able to go into school.  It’s so easy to blog on the go.

4.    Email:  It’s so easy to shoot off a quick email from my phone no matter where I am.  I can send an email to my mom, my husband, or a potential writing client.  If I am waiting for an important email from a client, I don’t have to sit at home at the laptop.  I always have my email with me. 

5.    Entertainment for my kids:  We were in the car for a bit the other day unexpectedly, and I just handed over my phone to my 5 year old so she could play a game of Angry Birds and then watch some cartoons on Netflix.  This is not something that I do often, but it’s nice to have the option sometimes. 

6.    Camera:  My phone has a great camera and since I always have it with me, I can take pictures of my kids (or whatever) anytime.  I can even upload them online so that my dad in Florida can see what we are up to at all times.

7.    Reading:  I have the Kindle app on my phone.  If I am waiting somewhere, I can pull up the current book I am reading and sneak in a few pages.  As a busy mom, I have to read  when and where I can.

8.    Cloud computing:  I use various apps such as Evernote and Dropbox so I always have my important documents with me if I have a minute to do some writing or need to reference something.  It’s so convenient to have that right at my fingertips.

9.    Social networking:  I can check Facebook quick or even Twitter.  I don’t have a ton of time to spend on these things, so it’s nice to be able to check them quickly from my phone if I am waiting at the doctor’s office or for my girls to get done with school.

10.  The Internet:  I don’t do a lot of browsing online from my phone, but it’s nice to have the option if I want to look something up quickly.

Honestly, I would so lost without my phone.  I don’t know how I functioned without it.  As a busy mom of two girls who works full time and is also trying to manage a freelance writing career, it’s seriously a lifesaver.

Guest blogger, Laura Pink is a writer/editor at Not Just 9 to 5 and blogs at the Working Mother magazine mom blogs.  She will have a piece published soon at Liberating Working Moms.