Terrie's winter jacket bargain

I am not much of a bargain hunter. I just don’t have the patience. When I cut coupons I feel like I am giving this craze for “best deals” a good shot. But every week or two I am sorting the coupons in my handbag to see which have expired before I had a chance to use them.  I think coupons and shopping for the best buy required organization and patience. Neither of these traits is well integrated into my personality.

But last week I couldn’t resist the buy of the century.

My husband, Clay and I go to the Wappingers Buffet on Rte 9 somewhat regularly. (I am a sucker for Chinese food.) Afterwards, I stopped at Just a Buck to see if they had my $1 magnifier eyeglasses besides any other dollar bargains that I can’t refuse. Then we walked back to the Good Will store. I convinced myself that this is one way to get in a good walk while helping me digest the food we just ate.

Clay was looking for corduroy slacks. He culls through the racks rather diligently and finds a pair that appears to be good quality. Me. I just walked around until Clay was finished.

He’s at the checkout, which is very busy. I am looking at a rack just inside the front door with dresses, slacks, shirts, and then I spotted a winter jacket. Great colors.  Looked good.

50% off is a great deal.

“I am ready to check out,” Clay says. “Do you want the jacket?”

“How much?” I ask the sales clerk.

“ It’s 50% off,” she replies.

How bad could it be at 50% off, I think and pile the jacket on top of Clay’s slacks.

The total bill is $10.48. You can’t beat that!!! (The jacket was $7.99)

What’s your “deal-of-the-century”?