This week I tried some of those drugstore deals and learned some things along the way. We use the Thermacare products in our house frequently. When I saw that I could get a Register Reward from Walgreens when I bought 2 I was happy. I also had 2 $3 off 1 2 count or larger product. Perfect. Took my coupons in, bought my products and got my register reward. Total out of pocket for that was about $6 for about $12 worth of stuff.

I figured if I would go back later in the week and get a couple more. Wrong. Doesn’t work that way. I was certainly allowed to buy the product (no harm there), but it did not generate a second Register Reward. It turns out since I tried to pay for the new Thermacare products with the Rewards I had earned earlier in the week, the register kicked it back. No rewards. 1 per family. I learned my lesson. Read the fine print. I still bought them because we use them. I just know now that the drugstore is only going to let me get a couple.

I also had to add a small item because their coupon policy states that you need to have as many items as coupons even if you are stacking them. I only had the 2 Thermacare and something else I wanted and had a coupon for. That was only 3 items. I had 2 Register Rewards (which apparently they count as a coupon), a Walgreen’s coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon. The grocery stores don’t do this so I was a little surprised, but store policy is store policy. Make sure when you do these that you get a copy of the store coupon policy before you go. That way you will have less issues at the register.

I would love to hear from some local shoppers who also coupon and if any of you have figured out how to do these drugstore deals.