The other night I needed a meal that would come together quickly, yet be suitable to serve to guests, both picky and discerning.  We were in the mood for chinese food, but being gluten-free, ordering take-out can be a risk.  I turned to one of my favorite recipe websites, and was excited to try this dish.  As always, I made a few minor revisions, and we were very, very happy with dinner.  I’m usually hesitant to make this type of dish in the crockpot, as vegetables can easily get overcooked, but adding them as a final step worked perfectly.

Crockpot General Tso’s

Beginning with this recipe for General Tso’s, I decided to make a few changes to make it more akin to sesame chicken, a favorite in our house.  When making the sauce, I added a tablespoon of sake and a teaspoon of sesame oil.  Before serving, I sprinkled with sesame seeds, which I lightly browned in a frying pan beforehand.  Served over brown rice (with yellow squash puree) and some orange slices, it was a great dinner that kept me out of the kitchen until the end of the meal.

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