Performance at Bishop Dunn Memorial School in Newburgh NYBishop Dunn School hosted the Christain rock group Full Armor.  From the singing and clapping that was going on kids from 6 years old to us older adults enjoyed the evening.  I suggest that if you feel strongly about the Christain message of love and faith, you should be on the lookout for an upcoming Bishop Dunn concert. Mr. DelViscio, the school principal, said that the group was such a success at their school, that they will invite Full Armor back again.

Rocking with your kids

When my kids were younger, I insisted that I go with them to their first concert. I myself was not much of a concert goer, but you are never to old to appreciate new music. That was the days when YES performed at Madison Square Garden. Loved the music. Love the theater of it all. Hated seeing bongs and other drug paraphernalia.

Then the kids invited me to see the Doobie Brothers. (Little did I know they invited me because they couldn’t find someone to drive them to the Nassau Memorial Coliseum.) We were on the folding chairs in the center of the area and everyone was precariously standing on the seats. The Doobies were great. To show you what a newbie I was in this concert arena, I asked my son, “How do you know the song with the first one or two sounds?” 

I still love the Doobie Brothers. In fact, many of their songs are great to exercise to. And my all time favorite was their lead singer Michael McDonald.

Sing, dance and share music

My two kids still love music, although they developed very separate tastes… my youngest is a Frank Sanatra fan while my oldest likes rock. Whatever they play we all dance and sing to our heart’s content.

Now it’s my grandkids chance to pick up the ball. My granddaughter, who is six, will dance to anything, anywhere. And my 9 year old grandson follow suit. And it really comes in handy when they are in the car and bickering. I just put on an album we all know and the singing begins.

Let music be the great soother of tired souls. Let music uplift us all to be all we can be.