Well, of Capetown, anyway.  I heard from our driver that it is the second windiest city in the world, and he asked me if I knew of the top windiest city in the world.  “Chicago?” I said proudly.  “Yes,” he replied.  I didn’t catch his name because we’d just arrived to Capetown after flying 15 straight hours (to Johannesburg), and then another 90 minutes from there to Capetown.  I was a little off on my game.  But he was a charming fellow, with an accent I couldn’t figure out: a combination of French and British?

My daughter and I are getting closer on this trip, I can feel it.  More so because the twin beds I had requested did not work out, and so we are sharing a double bed.  The room, which is definitely adequate, is tiny compared to American standards and it means we are, sort of, elbow to elbow.  I’m enjoying it, just because our lives don’t always connect; at home, we move past each other to the bathroom, have stilted conversations in the car, and it’s wonderfulm just being with her in our room, just watching her sleep which I haven’t been able to do since she was, like 8.

Today, we are off to a local village, and the bright sunny sky of early this morning has turned grey and cloudy.  I can see Table Mountain from our room, and it is a magnificent natural wonder with a flat top and restaurants to give visitors a reason to linger.  It provides an awesome view of the waterfront and ocean, and am anxious to see it.  It actually reminds me a bit of Mount Rushmore, with it’s height and facade.  Beside it is another massive, though very rounded hill called Lion Mountain (or something like it), because it resembles a lion laying down.  Just love it!

I hear crows outside and traffic and motor scooters outside since without AC, the open window provides fresh, cool air.

Meals, for the ones we’ve had at the hotel, are wonderful.  The hotel staff is pleasant and very patient with me since we don’t have a clock and I’m constantly calling up to ask what time it is.  We caught up on our sleep, napping most of yesterday away, and are ready to go out and enjoy this amazing country.

Later, I will download photos of our afternoon trip to Langa.  TTYL