MJ here, in Mpumpalanga, and tomorrow we go on safari.  It’s been a great, and busy time, and the people we are meeting, both natives and tourists have been genuinely friendly.  We are in an agricultural area, and so are seeing lots of banana trees, avacodo trees, nut trees, and many farms in our tour rides.  Weather is mild, though they are headed into their winter; we’ve had a lot of rain, but not enough to interfere with our day’s plans.

Yesterday, we had a grand time with the elephants, learning about them, petting them, feeding them, and even having our picture taken underneath the largest of them.  A tall guy named Timber.  He snorted all about us, and when we were done, the tour leader made sure we washed up since “there was a lot of snot blown around.”  It didn’t faze me a bit since, as I said to Caroline (who was grossed out, bug time), “it’s just like working in the kindergarten class.”

But, let me run, I am trying to put a picture on facebook, but pictures are slow to download and it may not take before my internet runs out.

More as time allows, but geez, this week is going awfully fast.  TTYL.