Would you like your children to have fun growing flowers and food? If you answered yes, you must check out the “gardening with children,” program at Abundant Life Farm in Walker Valley.
We attended their Open House on Sunday and enjoyed the farm’s empowering and kid-friendly atmosphere. It’s a farm with a mission: to teach families how to grow their own food.
Here, kids pick sweet peas in teepees and blow bubbles while they sow seeds. Little bridges and streams crisscross the landscape, terraced plantings rise up high, and frogs and tadpoles leap and lap in ponds. There is a chicken coop, a swingset with a teetering tractor and two tool areas: a shed for the adults and a bright purple bus stocked with kid-sized shovels and rakes. Abundant Life Farm was built to form community and all are welcome.
Sweetpea Teepees and compost maker.
We learned many lessons during our time at the farm, but most memorably, our almost three-year-old son learned how to plant seeds in soil for the first time.
Planting flower seeds

The woman who heads Abundant Life Farm, biodynamic spin farmer and educator, Linda Borghi told us, “What you sweep off your kitchen floor is dirt, but what we have here is soil.”

In a time when everybody needs to do their part, this little farm teaches us how we can.

Abundant Life Farm is a half-acre biodynamic spin farm. Spin farming is an economic model that makes farming on small plots of land profitable, and according to the farm’s website, “Biodynamics grows food with a strong connection to a healthy, living soil. “

Abundant Life Farm offers 90-minute classes six days a week to children 2 years of age and up.  Caregivers attend classes with their child/children. 

All children receive their first class free and if their parents can’t afford the tuition, Abundant Life Farm will give scholarships to as many as possible.

Pricing for the Program is as follows:

1 class: $15
5 classes: $65
10 classes: $110
20 Classes: $200
Email Linda Borghi at Lborghi@abundantlifefarm.com to find out more information or to register for a first free class. We are!

In addition, if you would like to register for a class, go to http://www.abundantlifefarm.com/index.php/Site/GardeningWithChildren to download the registration form, emergency medical form and the lesson reservation form.

Lastly, there is a mushroom workshop coming up on Saturday, May 12th 
from 1 – 4pm

@ the farm 

$35.00 per family
everyone takes a log home

Have fun exploring the Hudson Valley with the kids!

Take a look at the fun we had at Abundant Life Farm this weekend! It’s hard to believe that you can do so much with only a half acre of land. It’s something to experience.

Bubbles paraphernalia
Kids’ Cool Purple Tool  Trailer
Tractor Swing
Bees and Bee Tea
Linda holds a refractometer, a tool that measures nutrients in foods. She said you can buy it on the web for about $50.
Hens being raised for Eggs
Gnome praying over hastas

Adult farm tools
Kids’ Farm Tools

The Flats